30th anniversary Base Group

30th anniversary Base Group

In 2020, Base Group is celebrating its 30th anniversary. During this period, our organisation has evolved from a small, garage-based, one-man business, into a medium-sized production company. We started out in the advertising industry and now we are a company specialising in the production of machinery and high-quality welded industrial structures. 30 years ago, our area of operation was northern and central Poland. Nowadays, we deliver products to the markets of Europe, North America, and Asia.

This constant development and striving for perfection has been possible thanks to our Customers. It is thanks to their trust and willingness to engage in long-term cooperation that we have achieved success. However, such an achievement would not have been possible without the hard and effective work of our co-workers. They, together with our suppliers, work hard every day to deliver effective solutions to our Customers. The development of Base Group would also not have been possible without the support of business organizations, local and central authorities. As in many companies, our success depends largely on the economic system in which we operate.

In the last few years, Base Group has experienced particularly dynamic growth. It resulted from our vision and long-term development strategy and the opportunities created by the development of the global economy. We have taken advantage of these opportunities to a greater extent, which resulted in providing our customers with increasingly complex and comprehensive solutions.

In the years to come, we will continue to focus on exploring and understanding our Customers’ needs, anticipating their expectations, and continuously adapting our offer to the dynamic changes in the world. We look boldly into the future and are confident that we will meet the growing demands of the global economy. We believe that together with our co-workers, business partners, local and central authorities we can continue the dynamic development of Base Group.

We would like to thank you very much for our cooperation so far. We hope that our actions, focusing on cooperation and mutual benefits, will enable us to strengthen our market position together.