Abrasive blasting with glass has been implemented

Abrasive blasting with glass has been implemented

Responding to a demand of the pharmaceutical market, Base Group has implemented and developed a technique of abrasive blasting with glass. The technology used in Base Group involves the whole process, whereby decomposition and passivation processes are added to glass beads blasting.

Abrasive blasting with glass called glass beads blasting

Glass beads blasting is a colloquial term for the process of abrasive blasting in which the abrasive medium involves irregular bits of glass, glass beads or glass shavings. It is primarily used for processing of welded constructions made of stainless steel and aluminium.

The aim is to achieve the right surface purity and structure.  All depends on the purpose of welded constructions. If the right visual effect is crucial, then abrasive blasting is performed with glass beads. If the process must be followed by coating, then abrasive blasting is performed with sharp bits of glass so that we could achieve the surface roughness required by paint manufacturers.

Glass beads blasting with surface roughness below Ra 1.2µm

Thanks to a series of trainings and process improvement work, Base Group has developed the technique of abrasive blasting of welded constructions and receptacles, managing to decrease the surface roughness to levels below Ra 1.2µm. With such low surface roughness Base Group can satisfy expectations of clients from the pharmaceutical sector, where new-generation equipment which is part of medication processing system needs the very satin surface.

The following are the maximum dimensions of constructions which may be subjected to abrasive blasting in Base Group: width 4,000mm/ height 5,000mm / length 6,000mm.