Base Group as a PPG partner

Extension of cooperation

Base Group LTD along with “Pomorski Przegląd Gospodarczy” have extended the cooperation agreement for another 2021.

“Pomorski Przegląd Gospodarczy”

“Pomorski Przegląd Gospodarczy” as a place of intersectoral debate on the development of our region, publishes articles about the situation and development of Pomerania and the country itself. It encourages debates on the dilemmas of the region’s development and holds interviews with authorities in various fields.

Through a partnership with Pomorski Przegląd Gospodarczy, Base Group, creates a Pomeranian, inter-environmental network of relations which unquestionably and positively boosts the business relations. This structure, based on regional identity, allows to build better cooperation within the region and positively represent Pomerania. 

We encourage you to read the articles with the participation of Jakub Kaszuba – the President of Base Group, which appeared in previous years:

Pomorski Przegląd Gospodarczy