Industry 4.0 – Zakopane 2022 Conference

On 21 June 2022 in Zakopane, the Polish Association for Production Management organised a conference with the theme “Industry 4.0”.

Due to the fact that our company’s strategic goal is to introduce Industry 4.0, i.e. the concept of the implementation of production processes based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Base Group also had to be represented at the conference in Zakopane. 

Participation in the event was intended, among other things, to broaden our knowledge of current trends in Industry 4.0 and to learn about solutions useful in Base Group’s areas of operation.

Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, offers interesting challenges related to raising the technological level to the level of the latest achievements of science and technology. Here are some examples:

Smart products – digitally integrated products that can communicate their status, location, etc.

Smart factories – highly digitalised factories that use advanced technologies such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics, analytics and the Internet of Things.

Smart resources – enable real-time performance monitoring, predicting and preventing downtime, adopting a dynamic and predictive approach to maintenance, etc.

Employees richer in knowledge – access to the latest technology and real-time sensor data allows employees to monitor the situation throughout the company, make quick decisions and solve problems in real time.

At Base Group, we are intensively automating production processes and adopting new solutions indicated by Industry 4.0.