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For years, we have specialised in manufacturing machinery, equipment and stainless steel structures used in the maritime sector. Thanks to the extensive experience we have gained, all products we manufacture for the maritime industry are of excellent quality. For our maritime industry clients, we have produced such machines and devices as ship waste management system components, ballast water treatment systems, as well as scrubbers – exhaust gas cleaning systems for maritime applications. We also manufacture pipe systems and welded stainless steel frame structures.

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The presented tank is a part of a waste and sewage treatment plant for ships. Such systems require reliable welded connections of uncompromising quality, as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Base Group guarantees stainless steel welding and chemical treatment processes of the highest quality, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan of all our products.

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We have made various types of equipment and machinery for the maritime sector. Examples of such products include a glass crusher and a can compactor. The glass crusher makes it possible to limit the volume of waste generated on passenger ships. On the other hand, the can compactor is designed to solve the issue of waste storage. It is used to crush aluminum cans to reduce their volume – its output product is a compressed block of raw material ready for recycling. The picture shows a can compactor made by Base Group.


Based on our Clients’ designs, we manufacture and assembly components for passenger ship ash recycling systems.

One part of the system is a device for cooling ash generated by the incineration of municipal waste.  The ash cooler is made of carbon steel and is protected by an anti-corrosion system that provides long-term protection in harsh salty environments. The ash waste processed inside it is cooled by water. Test runs are conducted by a specialised team at Base Group.


Scrubbers are a solution for addressing the problem of air purification. They operate by pumping contaminated air into a special chamber, inside which it comes into direct contact with an appropriate volume of water. Their optimal design makes it possible to achieve an absorption efficiency of more than 97%. Thanks to the use of special solutions, scrubbers can also be used for high-temperature processes. They can process gases generated by incinerators, cement plants, steel mills, ships and more, provided that such gases are pre-cooled.

For our Clients Base Group also produces filters to reduce pollutant emissions. It is important to know that in the interest of environmental protection and reducing emissions in marine coastal areas, ship owners are bound by IMO regulations concerning sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. All ships which use heavy fuel oil (HFO) must be equipped with appropriate filters.

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Ship ballast water exchange equipment can operate based on various principles. The one produced by Base Group uses a pressure reactor which works in conjunction with a UV chamber. The main purpose is to effectively eliminate waterborne bacteria and prevent marine organisms from being transported to other ecosystems.

Thanks to the compact and efficient pressurized vacuum reactor, the system requires no additional filters and chemicals. Welded ship ballast water exchange systems designed in this way provide simple and fully automated operation, as well as easy maintenance, with limited space required to install them. Materials used in the production of ballast water exchange systems include acid-resistant stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized carbon steel. As their regular supplier, Base Group has the appropriate facilities, know-how and infrastructure to carry out its services reliably and guarantee high quality.

Equipment final assembly and tightness testing are carried out at Base Group facilities.

Only some of the products we have made for our clients are shown above.
We are always ready for new projects. We select the optimal production technology for each new project. We support our clients as early as the quotation stage by participating in the process of optimising the costs, lead time and technology. We are an ambassador of long-term, WIN-WIN cooperation based on trust. We encourage you to contact us!

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