According to its strategy, Base Group has been implementing long-term investment projects aimed at expanding its machinery resources. Its goal is to produce welded metal structures of the highest quality. Our know-how, measuring capabilities and experience of our quality control staff guarantee excellent service quality. The Base Group measuring laboratory enables testing suitable for a wide range of quality requirements.

Over the years, the laboratory has been equipped with such control and measurement tools as:

Laboratorium pomiarowe

Our lab is equipped with a Hexagon measuring arm with an accuracy of up to 0.044 mm. This new series of portable devices brings metrology directly into the manufacturing environment.  Our adjustable measuring arm with a measuring range of 3 m allows us to measure structures up to 9 m in size without any significant loss of accuracy. Thanks to its state-of-the-art carbon fibre construction, the measuring arm maintains its strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, regardless of the indoor environment. The joint of the Absolute ARM includes absolute encoders, which eliminate the need for initialisation and warm-up. The joint’s modular design enables configurable fixture shapes and sizes and the device’s display allows the user to control the measurement process. The advantages provided by the measuring arm make it possible to conduct advanced metrology measurements. Modern technologies increase productivity while also improving production processes and effectively reducing lead times.

Laboratorium pomiarowe

Our laboratory also includes an Olympus spectrometer. The spectrometer uses the XRF (X-ray fluorescence) method to monitor the chemical composition of base materials, welded joints and filler materials. We utilise the spectrometer for process monitoring and control, as well as automatic and semi-automatic alloy verification. Additionally, we have integrated the spectrometer with a product component quality control programme to further monitor the quality of the steel structures produced. By ensuring the proper workmanship of welded steel structures before delivery, we confirm that the final product meets the client’s requirements.

Laboratorium pomiarowe

There are also two professional SIEGMUND measuring tables at our measuring laboratory. The tables are made of special tool steel. Their surface hardness is ca. 800 Vickers, which allows us to work with very heavy parts.

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We can also perform structure tightness and pressure testing. The most basic tests include penetrant testing (PT), as well as air and water pressure testing (up to 30 bar). We perform specialised tightness tests to detect leaks due to material and welding defects.  We also perform tightness testing using various test gases – hydrogen and helium. The possibility of quickly detecting even the smallest leaks is a major advantage of such testing.


We perform visual testing (VT), penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic testing (RT) and magnetic testing (MT). The table below includes more details on performing non-destructive testing.