Official presentation of the PG Racing Team’s new car

Last week, at the Experyment Science Center in Gdynia, we had the honour of participating in the official presentation of the PG Racing Team’s new car (PGR-07) ‼🏎

This is a particularly important event for us, as the main frame of the car, one of the most important structural elements, was made entirely by Base Group.

It is worth noting that the components of the frame were made of specially selected materials, which increased its rigidity, strength and, consequently, reduced the weight of the car.

Thanks to our ongoing cooperation, we can gain new experience together and support each other during the implementation of future projects. It is a perfect example of the synergy between business and science, where each side wins. 🎉🏅

We congratulate the entire PG Racing Team and wish them every success ‼🏎