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Patent of manufacturing power switchgear housings

Base Group obtained a patent on invention called The method of manufacturing power switchgear housings with improved endurance parameters and the required geometry thereof maintained. In this way, the company joins a small group of companies that are able to meet the high demands the manufacturers of components of high-voltage devices insulated with SF6 gas are confronted with.

The new production process developed by Base Group as well as its results aim to satisfy the requirements of customers from power industry, concerning high-quality and reliable components for manufacture of high voltage gas insulated switchgears (GIS).

Manufacturing power switchgear housings

Manufacturing power switchgear housingsThe most important expectation the manufacturers of GIS devices have to meet is achieving high resistance of housings against bursting, which directly defines the safe and long-term use of electrical power equipment as well as protects against the consequences of electric arc shorting in these devices. Implementation of our plans will allow us to meet the needs of this sector and to offer the product exceeding the standards and parameters of high voltage GIS switchgear housings known to date.

As a result of the prospective venture, Base’s production offer shall be completed with new components of high-voltage devices insulated with SF6 gas, with improved endurance characteristics, high tightness, purity in the metallurgical aspect as well as circularity errors reduced, all of which together shall provide the highest possible degree of the product application safety in the range of electrical power devices of the GIS type. The investment outcome shall be launching the manufacture of innovative switchgear housings GIS / GIL with improved endurance parameters to increase reliability of the entire distribution and transmission equipment. Thanks to that it will be possible to significantly increase safety of the power distribution network operations and to meet the growing technical requirements set within the power industry.


As a result, Base will strengthen its position on both the domestic and foreign markets, seizing the opportunity to compete with leading producers of metal products designed for the domestic as well as European power industry sector.”

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manufacturing power switchgear housings