Stainless steel welding – new project

A new project at Base Group

Stainless steel welding and high requirements on the part of our clients are an opportunity for Base Group to develop. We are happy to have the chance to produce more and more interesting constructions. So far, we have made many different structures of stainless steel according to design. We have implemented projects for our clients from various sectors of industry. We are a manufacturer of welded structures for the power, maritime, offshore, railway, food and paper sector.

Stainless steel welding up to the thickness of 40 mm

In connection with new projects in the power sector, we have developed and implemented a new welding technology (WPQR- Welding Procedure Qualification Record) which makes it possible for us to perform welding of stainless steel materials up to the thickness of 40 mm.

Our new technology of welding (WPQR) is developed at Base Group by specialist in the field of welding, that is by welding engineers (both EWE -European Welding Engineer, as well as IWE, International Welding Engineer). Before the new technology of welding was developed, both technical documentation and the contractual requirements were analysed in the first place, so that there was absolute certainty and guarantee for the quality of the steel structure made. Information concerning basic materials, the state of technical facilities and conditions for making welds were inspected. These actions were necessary for adequate development of documentation for our Client.

The semi-automatic welding technology (MAG, Metal Active Gas) was conducted under the supervision of a certifying body TUV Sud in accordance with the requirements contained in the standard EN ISO 15614-1, standard DNVGL-OS401 and the Pressure Directive PED 97/23/EG


Confirmed quality of welded structures of stainless steel

Samples made with the use of the new technology were submitted to NDT and DT laboratory tests. External certifying body, having inspected the samples and the documentation developed, issued a certificate confirming that Base Group is able to make welded structures according to the standards quoted. We are satisfied from the fact that the test confirmed that our company has adequate resources of knowledge and skills to cope with the performance of complicated structures of increasing thickness and external dimensions.

stainless steel welding MAG Base Group

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See a set of our technological documentation concerning welding – WPQR register.pdf