Base Group offers its Customers technological processes that ensure the overall execution of even the most complex projects. Starting from support in design of machines or structures, we offer a professional selection of manufacturing technology and prefabrication processes through:

Procesy technologiczne
main process - welding

Welding is a key and critical process, in which, depending on the technology selected, we use MIG (131) or TIG (141) welding, which is either carried out manually or with the use of welding robots.

manufacturing and prefabrication processes

Every project implemented at Base Group requires precisely selected surface treatment methods. Stainless steel and aluminium are subjected to chemical treatment processes and abrasive blasting using glass shot – if required by the given technology. For carbon steel, we provide abrasive blasting using steel shot. We also provide wet and powder coating services through proven business partners. 

Following the selected technology is supported by quality management processes, production management processes in accordance with Quick Response Management (QRM), and logistics processes. It gives room for the innovative execution of our projects. Based on defined and stable manufacturing processes, Base Group provides its business partners with the optimal implementation of projects, providing them with a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

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