The extremely valuable New Education Forum conference has come to an end!

The main topic of the panel attended by the President of the Base Group, the Vice President of Employers of Pomerania – Jakub Kaszuba, was “The impact of digital transformation on the labour market, employers and local government”.

During the discussion, answers were given to the nagging questions: How are production and services changing under the influence of digital transformation? What does this mean for the Pomeranian labour market? What will be the expectations of employers from Pomerania towards new employees in the coming years and how do local governments and the schools reporting to them react to those expectations? 🏫🏢

During the talks, it was rightly noted that a strong digital economy driven by Europeans with digital skills is crucial for innovation, growth, job creation and European competitiveness. It was pointed out that digitisation requires employees and employers to acquire new skills to be able to meet the demands of modern technologies. 💻⬆️

In conclusion, digital transformation poses challenges to the labour market, but this is inevitable as technological progress is irreversible. It is necessary to adapt to new conditions, acquire new skills and use modern tools to be able to compete in the market.

#Industry40 #MoreThanWelding