equipment and welded structures for PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR


The importance of the pharmaceutical sector is demonstrated by the fact that its main purpose it to save lives. Since Base Group manufactures equipment and welded structures for the pharmaceutical industry, it is perfectly familiar with its quality requirements. We perfectly understand its characteristics, and as such, we use well-refined means of production when carrying out production processes. We know that machines and welded structures ordered by our Clients will be part of specific and highly demanding environment. Therefore, due to their purpose, we are obliged to comply with any standards and requirements of our Clients.

One should always consider the contractor’s applicable knowledge and experience when ordering machinery and welded structures for the pharmaceutical industry. If you choose to work with Base Group, you can be sure that any pharmaceutical machines and structures are produced based on implemented certifications. 


Base Group has experience in manufacturing stainless steel equipment and welded structures for the safe storage and productions of biopharmaceutical fluids.

For our Clients, we manufacture tanks with capacities ranging from 50 to 1000 litres, which are designed to process, store and transport large quantities of biopharmaceutical products. Their typical applications include sample processing for compounding purposes and sterile waste storage.

Since tanks are made of thin sheet metal, we use in-house refined TIG and CMT welding methods. Additionally, the project’s criteria include achieving the specified surface roughness and manufacturing flatness. Thanks to maintaining the required production standards, stainless steel tanks manufactured at Base Group can be used to safely store biopharmaceuticals. 

The process of manufacturing equipment and welded structures for the pharmaceutical industry begins with documentation. The unique purpose of welded tanks is the primary determinant of the type of material they are made from. Base Group has been manufacturing stainless steel tanks that are used by leading pharmaceutical industry companies. Our tanks are prepared to withstand high pressure, extreme temperatures, aggressive environments and chemical processes.

Maszyny i urządzenia farmaceutyczne

Only some of the products we have made for our clients are shown above.
We are always ready for new projects. We select the optimal production technology for each new project. We support our clients as early as the quotation stage by participating in the process of optimising the costs, lead time and technology. We are an ambassador of long-term, WIN-WIN cooperation based on trust. We encourage you to contact us!

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