Base Group was the first manufacturing company in Poland to successfully launch a system for electronic management of the welding process called WeldEye. The WeldEye system supervises welding of power engineering structures, offshore structures, structures for the railroad industry and welding of structures for the chemical industry.

The WeldEye Quality System provides welding engineers with a tool to optimise the entire welding process: from project planning to work coordination and final documentation.

With the WeldEye Quality System, we can perform tasks such as:


WeldEye is an IT software consisting of two related applications: WelEye Quality System and ArcQ.

ArcQ is the part of the system designed to supervise welding parameters in real time. With ArcQ, the welder can view the welding parameters of all the welding equipment connected to the system on his computer. All deviations from the parameters saved in the WPS are displayed on the computer monitor of a welding engineer and stored in the system. This allows quick response to potential welding non-compliances at an early stage of the production process.


System for electronic management of the welding process is a solution that is used from the first stage of planning of the welding work, through the coordination of structure welding, to the final stage of project reporting. At the stage of the work plan, after the submission of a welding technology qualification report by our welding engineers, the system prepares the welding technology manual. The system also supports the assignment of work to welders. The software checks if a particular welder is qualified to weld a given structure, if not – the software will not allow assigning such a welder to the task.

By connecting each device to the server, we are able to control the parameters at the selected working stations. Automatic parameter logging enables control and ongoing monitoring of work progress. If the parameters are exceeded, the irregularity is immediately reported to a welding engineer. In addition the device connected to the welding machine displays a warning message. If welding is conducted according to the parameters, a green message is displayed. For us, information about a deviation from the parameters is significant because it allows us to intervene quickly and avoid rework costs. This also has a positive impact on reducing lead times and meeting contractual delivery dates.

At the final stage of construction, the fact that all data is collected and stored in one program helps in generating reliable and error-free welding documentation for the customer in a short time. Well-prepared documentation is especially important for customers in the energy, offshore, railroad and chemical industries, for whom we produce demanding and high-quality welded industrial structures.


System WeldEye

Since the implementation of the system for electronic management of the welding process, it has allowed us to manufacture:

advantages of the weldeye

As a summary, we can enumerate the advantages of the system for electronic welding process management:

We can say that thanks to the implementation of the electronic welding process management system we fully control the quality and main parameters of the welding process which is very important for our customers.

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