New welding robot

Welding processes with new welding robot machine

Base Group, as a leader, sets trends in its industry and offers welding processes with new welding robot machine. It offers its customers an innovative technology and organisation of production, a motivated team of employees as well as efficiently implemented state-of-the-art company management tools.

As a consequence of preparing for Industry 4.0, the Base Group purchased a station with the TM-2000WG3 robot mounted on a track with three working fields. The latest generation TAWERS ACTIVE ALUMINIUM robot is equipped with a 350A PANASONIC power source integrated with the robot controller, placed on a runway with a 12m long stroke length opposite to three working fields. The first two are equipped with a single-axis positioner with a lifting capacity of 1000kg each, to which instruments with details of maximum dimensions 2000x1500mm can be attached. The third field is equipped with double-axis positioner with a lifting capacity of 2000kg.  The bearing support will be able to be manually adjusted in the range of 2m to 6m every 1m.

Benefits of new welding robot

The process mentioned above allows to eliminate robot downtime, because two processes can take place simultaneously: welding as well as disassembly of welded details and assembly of new ones. The feature that distinguish the TAWERS robot from other robots available on the market is the integration of the robot controller with a power source. The controller allows full control over the welding process, which results in very good quality of welds. The system use a special torch, wire booster and software in order to enable aluminium welding using the ACTIVE WIRE ALUMINIUM method. This method ensures chipping and tarnish occurrence reduction. The positioners of the PANASONIC company are adapted to the harmonic work with the robot, allowing the element positioning and rotating processes during welding. Combining individual models with each other allows positioning almost every complex detail. The robot is equipped with two types of sensors: touch sensor and arc sensor.

welding robot

Automation and robotization of processes are vital in order to ensure efficient functioning in the space of Industry 4.0. Base Group, being a leader in the field of welded industrial constructions, invests in the development of machinery to ensure adaptation of its product to the needs of customer expectations.