In machinery, equipment and high-quality structures’ production welding plays key role. Our machinery and high-quality welded constructions or structures production offer is strictly associated with welding. Welding is our main process, to which we pay special attention.

welding stainless steel Poland
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As a leader, Base Group sets trends in the metal components production industry, expanding its manufacturing capabilities by robotised welding. The company offers innovative technology and production organization as well as a motivated team and effectively implemented, state-of-the-art tools for business management.

We have three fully automated welding centres. Two of them are designed for the welding of medium to large series of products made of carbon steel. The third, newest workstation has independent working fields where it is possible to simultaneously perform the welding process, prepare/assemble subsequent prefabricated elements and disassemble the finally welded elements from the tooling, without any downtime. It is used for developing welding methods for various grades of stainless steel and aluminum so that the proportion of manual welding performed by employees is reduced to the necessary minimum. This workstation features the latest generation TM-2000WG3 robot, placed on a track with free working fields and equipped in a 350A integrated power source form PANASONIC. The robot is placed on a running track with a working stroke of 12m in front of three working fields. The two first ones are equipped with a single-axis positioner with a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg each, to which you can attach devices with workpieces with maximum dimensions of 2,000×1,500 mm. The third field is equipped with a double-axis positioner with a lifting capacity of 2,000 kg.


welding stainless steel Poland

The above process enables the elimination of robot downtime as two processes of welding and disassembly of welded parts as well as assembly of new ones can be conducted simultaneously. A feature that distinguishes welding conducted with the use of the TAWERS robot from other ones available on the market is the integration of the robot controller with the power source. The controller provides full control over the welding process, which results in achieving joints of very high quality. Thanks to the application of a special burner, wire booster and software, the system enables welding aluminum with the use of the ACTIVE WIRE ALUMINUM WELDING METHOD. This method reduces spatters and the appearance of tarnish. PANASONIC positioners are designed to work harmoniously with the robot, enabling positioning and rotating of the part during welding. Combining individual models with one another makes it possible to position almost every complicated workpiece. The robot is equipped with two types of sensors: a touch and an arc sensor.

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Automation and robotization of processes are essential to working in compliance with requirements of Industry 4.0. As a leader in the area of welded industrial structure, Base Group invests in the development of machinery to tailor its product as much as possible to the needs and expectations of its customers.


When welding thin sheets for the customers in the marine, food, pharmaceutical or rail industry we apply the TIG welding method to maintain the highest quality. Making stable and clean welds without spatters constitutes an indisputable advantage of TIG welding. 

For TIG welding method we use best in class welding machines. They are equipped with pulse welding which provides us with greater control over the weld pool and, thus, enables us to obtain very precise welds. Thanks to highly qualified welders we can provide the expected quality of the produced machines, equipment and structures. All welders undergo prior testing. Only those whose welding samples meet strict quality requirements are allowed for welding structures delivered to our clients.

welding stainless steel Poland

We have combined requirements regarding the appearance of the weld with high productivity. Our customers frequently the TIG welding method due to high quality of welds’ surface. However, since the TIG welding method is less productive than the MAG/MIG welding method, we wondered whether there was a welding method that would enable us to obtain an aesthetic appearance of welds while providing greater efficiency than the TIG welding method? The MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse turned out to be the solution! We use MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse to obtain aesthetically pleasing welds (as in the TIG welding method) and higher efficiency (compared to the TIG welding method).

By using the MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse we can obtain surface that looks very good (fish scale effect). In addition, the application of automatic wire feeding affects welding efficiency. Structures welded with the use of the MAG/MIG welding method are made faster which results in lower production costs. The MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse makes it possible to regulate current pulsation and adjust the speed of wire feeding. This way, we improve quality of welds’ surface. While welding using MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse, current pulses occur in two ranges. The sequential system of our welders automatically combines two levels of pulses: hot l1 and cold l2.

We prepared welding samples using the TIG and MAG/MIG welding method, and subjected them to macroscopic examination. In the first photograph you can see a weld made with the use of the TIG welding method, while the second photograph presents a weld made using the MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse.

Benefits of the MAG/MIG welding method with a double pulse:

welding stainless steel Poland
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We also use the Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding method. CMT is characterised by its very low heat input and an exceptionally stable welding arc. In this method, the short circuit is controlled and the current is maintained at a low level. CMT’s advantages include the possibility of avoiding distortion when welding thin material.


Since welding is our primary process, we take special care to ensure its quality and introduce improvements. We were the first company in Poland to introduce welding with the WeldEye monitoring system. The system helps to control the welding process and ensure the optimum quality of any machinery, equipment and welded metal structures produced.

Welding in machinery and equipment production System WeldEye