World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

Did you know that March 4 is it World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development? 🌍

At Base Group, we undertake a number of activities that allow us to support the local community, build awareness and responsibility in the workplace, and responsibility towards the natural environment.

What do these concepts mean to us? This includes:

➡ Storage and transferred for further management in a way that minimizes their negative impact on the environment.
➡ Taking actions to reduce the amount of carbon footprint generated into the atmosphere, e.g. by installing a professional installation that allows limiting the release of Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere.
➡ Initiating and supporting activities to support the local community. That is why we have been supporting junior teams of the local sports club Base Group Osiczanka Osice for many years.

And how do our employees understand sustainable development at Base Group?

Sustainable development for our employees means activities such as: conscious shopping, wise use of products, waste segregation and saving water. We ended the training with a conclusion taken from Adam Smith’s thought: “The problem with the Earth is that it was only produced once,” and this is the thought that will guide us in our subsequent actions.

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