Expanding the machinery – GEKA

In order to expand the range of offered services and increase competitiveness Base Group started this week exploitation of multifunctional, hydraulic shears Geka Hydracrop 80AD.

gekaIt is a two-cylinder machine, which has the following equipment:

  • 5 working stations, prepared to cut angles, flat bars, round and square bars, punching and cutting,
  • all stations are equipped with cutters made ​​of tool steel,
  • quick change of tools
  • table with adjustable bumper to cut flat bars,
  • two units working simultaneously.

Technical characteristics:

  • cutting of angle bars up to 130x130x13 (90 °) or 70x70x7 (45 °)
  • cutting or flat bars up to 450×15 300X20
  • cutting of bars up to 45 (round and square)
  • punching up to dia.40×14 or dia.24×24
  • cutting up to 90×52 (plate 12, angle bar 100)