OMAX 55100

Base Group broadened its range of services with waterjet machining center – OMAX 55100. This technology is currently one of the most versatile treatments in the world.

Why to choose cutting with water??

  • High quality cutting edge with a fully automated cutting tools
  • Possible to handle even the most sophisticated shapes in different materials
  • No influence on thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of the work piece
  • Compatibility with the drawings in electronic format (AutoCAD *. Dwg, *. Dxf,  Corel DRAW *. Cdr, *. Jpg or other)
  • Environmentally friendly method


What are the materials we cut?

  • Almost unlimited range of materials to a thickness of 200 mm while maintaining the perpendicularity of the edges.
  • Steel (structural, carbon, stainless, etc.)
  • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys (aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, etc.)
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Plastics (rubber, plastic, PVC, etc.)
  • Natural stone (marble, granite, graphite, sandstone, etc.)
  • Wood, paper, cardboard


Machine parameters

  • The accuracy of motion of ± 0,051 mm/300mm
  • Maximum speed of 5m/min (depending on the type and thickness of material)
  • The maximum size of the work piece 2500 x 1400 mm
  • Allowable weight of material 1200 kg/m2