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We patented manufacturing process of pipes used in electrical power switchgears. Our production technology enables us to delivere increased strength of pipes while maintaining the required geometry.

This makes Base Group one of the few companies capable of meeting the quality requirements for producers of high-voltage equipment components insulated with SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride). Base Group’s new manufacturing process and its results are aimed at meeting the needs of the electric and power industry clients. The process concerns the production of high-quality and reliable Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) components.

The most important expectation for GIS equipment manufacturers is to make the enclosures highly resistant to tearing. This directly affects the safe and long-term operation of electrical power equipment and the protection against the effects of an arc fault in such equipment. By implementing these plans, Base Group can meet the needs of this sector and offer high-voltage GIS enclosures exceeding the known standards and parameters.

This makes it possible to expand Base Group’s product portfolio to include new components for SF6-insulated high-voltage equipment with improved strength characteristics, high tightness, metallurgical purity and reduced circularity errors. Together, this ensures the highest possible product safety for use in GIS electrical power equipment. The investment project enables Base Group to launch the production of innovative GIS/GIL housings with increased strength parameters affecting the reliability of the distribution and transmission equipment. This will significantly improve the operational safety of electrical power distribution grids and meet the power industry’s increasing technical requirements.

Wytwarzanie obudów rozdzielnic elektroenergetycznych

The patent will allow the company to strengthen its position in both the domestic and foreign markets, enabling it to compete with leading manufacturers of energy sector metal products in Poland and Europe alike.

manufacturing process of pipes used in electrical power switchgears wytwarzanie obudów rozdzielnic elektroenergetycznych