A new sarcophagus of Chernobyl

Almost 30 years, sarcophagus can not withstand the pressure of powerful radiation

International donors conference in London decided to transfer 180 million for the construction of a new sarcophagus ruins of the fourth reactor of Chernobyl. Since the beginning of the impressive project in 2012. G7 countries with the EU subsidize the construction of a new security. The total cost of construction is projected at 1.5 billion euros. Present, almost 30 years, concrete sarcophagus is heavily worn out and can not withstand the pressure of powerful radiation. The new facility is expected to deliver the greatest possible safety for decades, thanks to the latest technology.

A new sarcophagus

Extremely impressive structure made mostly of steel, concrete and other more specialized materials is to minimize the penetration of radiation into the environment and protect the old concrete sarcophagus, which contains several tons of highly radioactive material. What do you think, how much time a new security will resist radiation and weather conditions? Is soon be able to forever stave off the ticking, Chernobyl bomb?