Device for vibratory stress relieving

📣 Another step towards new investments allowing us to develop our capabilities! 😃 We have purchased a new device for vibratory stress relieving of our structures, consisting of a WC200 vibrator and a VM120M control console. 🕹

By subjecting our structures to resonant vibrations throughout the entire volume of the vibrated element, the stresses arising after the welding process are significantly reduced. 👩‍🏭🛠 These stresses are reduced to a level at which there are no longer any delayed deformations which cause such negative phenomena as loss of shape or dimension, or cracking.

This remarkable device allows us to customise the stress relieving process, tailored to the specific nature of each structure in a way that is not only extremely effective but also more green. 🌿 The process is characterised by low energy absorption, which makes us more environmentally friendly. ♻️ This is another step in our journey toward sustainability and environmental protection. 🌍