“Metropolis” Think Tank

📣 Last week there was a meeting at which the “Metropolis” Think Tank was launched. It is an initiative of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area and the Economic Convention at the Association of Fahrenheit Universities, bringing together representatives of local government, science and business. “The ‘Metropolis’ Think Tank, will be an independent non-profit advisory committee for the analysis of the development opportunities of the Pomeranian metropolitan region and the identification of necessary educational, economic and local government projects.” The chairman of the Board of the Base Group is Jakub Kaszuba‼Numerous debates and discussions took place during the meeting and its main theme was “Directions and Conditions for Economic Development of the Metropolitan Area”. The subject of the vision for the economic development of the metropolitan area, the necessary conditions to be met and the need to seek ways of solving many of the problems presented at the meeting were discussed.