Professor Lihui Wang’s visit to Base Group!

As part of the current NEPTUN project – “New Approach to Innovate Technologies in Manufacturing” in cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology, we had the honour of hosting world-renowned Professor Lihui Wang from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm – an expert in innovation and technology. 🔝🔝

The lead theme of the meeting was the idea of implementing Industry 4.0 and the work on a cluster of excellence, using the XPRES Centre of Excellence in Production Research as an example. During the visit, we also presented the history of our company and the innovative project carried out by Base Group – Factory of the Future. 🤩

We would like to thank Professor Wang for the visit and his valuable comments on the future of industry. As a result of the visit, areas will be defined in which we will do our best to initiate research and development projects conducted jointly with Politechnika Gdańska as part of the NEPTUN project. We are thinking of cooperation in the field of digital transformation of the company as a whole as well as automation and digitisation of the production areas‼

We also invite you to listen to the broadcast of the lecture 💻🎤 “An Overview of AI and Its Applications in Smart Manufacturing”: