Vibratory stress relief

📣 With our customers in mind, we are extending our range of services to include a state-of-the-art solution – vibratory stress relief of structures using the advanced VM120M control console and the WC200 vibrator! 👩‍💻🔧

We can provide this service both as part of a comprehensive order for a welded structure and as a separate service on an already welded structure. 👨‍🏭

Brief information on what vibratory stress relief is…

Vibratory stress relief is a process that brings significant benefits when reducing peak residual stresses, especially after welding, casting or heat treatment. 🌡️💡

The application of resonant vibration throughout the entire volume of the vibrated component after the welding process reduces stresses to a level where adverse phenomena such as loss of shape, dimension or cracking are avoided. This innovative approach not only increases efficiency, but is also more environmentally friendly, having a lower energy absorption rate than annealing in energy-intensive furnaces such as gas furnaces. 🌍💚

P.S. Our vibratory stress relief service knows no boundaries – we are mobile, providing convenience and flexibility for our customers. We can arrive at your location and carry out the service at your facility. 🚚💨

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