Competition “Wykombinuj most” 2016

Competition “Wykombinuj most” 2016

Scientific assiciation KOMBO of the Technical University of Gdańsk on May 4-6 organized 9th nationwide competition “wykombinuj most”. 39 teams came to Gdańsk from all over the country.

base group - wykombinuj most WM2016 (133)

Students had to design and build an 1-meter bridge span using just paper and glue. After 7 hours of struggle students have created amazing constructions! All constructions has been tested using load capacity criteria.

The Winners have built the lightest and the strongest bridge which has been able to withstand load of 315 kgs!. Congratulations for students of scientific association of the Technical University of Warsaw.

base group - wykombinuj most

We are pleased the Base Group participated in this competition and supported young engineers.

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